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Mood Guitars is a unique and versatile sample library that has been meticulously crafted to evoke emotion and atmosphere in your music. We went through a delicate sampling process, using a diverse range of guitars and playing techniques to capture the intimate, evocative sounds you'll find in this library. In this blog post, we'll take you behind the scenes to explore the instruments used, the recording process, and the innovative sound design techniques that make Mood Guitars the ultimate tool for creating moody, immersive music.


At the heart of Mood Guitars is a carefully selected collection of instruments, each chosen for its unique tonal qualities and character:
  1. Vintage Telecaster: Known for its bright, cutting tone, this classic guitar adds a timeless quality to the library.
  2. Modern Stratocaster: With its versatile sound and expressive range, the Stratocaster brings a contemporary touch to Mood Guitars.
  3. Fender Precision Bass: A staple in countless genres, this bass guitar provides the solid foundation for the library's low-end.
  4. Gibson J-185 EC: This vintage acoustic guitar, with its warm and balanced sound, contributes a rich, organic texture to the mix.
  5. Orpheus Valley Solea SA-C: A lesser-known gem, this nylon-string acoustic guitar adds a unique, intimate quality to the library.


The Sampling Process

Paul Salerno Guitarist For Mood Guitars

Paul Salerno, the gifted guitarist and musician behind our Mood Guitars sample library, has brought his extensive talents to the project, ensuring that each sound captures the essence of a truly emotive and immersive guitar performance. With a diverse background in various genres, including rock, jazz, blues, and pop, Paul's exceptional ability to adapt his playing style has been invaluable in creating a versatile and expressive library. His keen ear, combined with his mastery of advanced techniques, results in the rich and evocative sounds found within Mood Guitars. Thanks to Paul Salerno's remarkable talent and dedication, Mood Guitars has become an inspiring and indispensable resource for musicians and producers.

To ensure an authentic, intimate sound, we recorded each guitar using low-velocity playing techniques, capturing the nuances and subtleties often lost in other sample libraries. We also processed each instrument with three distinct mood characters, allowing you to easily dial in the perfect vibe for your track. These mood characters include:

  1. Clean: The unprocessed, natural sound of the guitars, perfect for adding your own effects and processing.
  2. Lo-Fi: A gritty, nostalgic tone that adds character and depth to your tracks, reminiscent of old-school recordings.
  3. Vintage Chorus: A lush, shimmering sound that evokes the warmth and richness of classic analog chorus effects.

Beyond The Basics

To further enhance the versatility of Mood Guitars, we included a curated selection of effects and three additional sound design layers, allowing you to blend and sculpt your guitar sounds in creative, unexpected ways. These sound design layers include:

  1. Washed Out Pad: A dreamy, atmospheric pad layer that adds a sense of depth and ambience to your guitar tracks.
  2. Dust Layer: A subtle layer of noise and texture, mimicking the sound of dust on vinyl records, perfect for adding a vintage feel.
  3. Crackle Layer: A layer of vinyl crackles and pops, providing an authentic touch of nostalgia and warmth to your tracks.


    Mood Guitars is a labor of love, born from a passion for creating evocative, emotive music. By combining the sounds of carefully chosen guitars, delicate playing techniques, and innovative sound design, we've created a sample library that enables you to bring your own musical visions to life. We hope you enjoy exploring the world of Mood Guitars and look forward to hearing the amazing tracks you create with it.