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This April, we are proud to honor Autism Acceptance Month

and show our commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with autism and their families. We've decided to partner with the Autism Society of America (ASA), an esteemed organization that has been advocating for and empowering the autism community for over 50 years.

In recognition of this important month, we will be contributing 10% of our sample library sales throughout April to the ASA. By doing so, we aim to raise awareness and support the crucial work that the ASA undertakes daily.

The Power of Music in Autism Therapy

Music has long been recognized for its therapeutic and healing properties, and its impact on individuals with autism is no exception. For those on the autism spectrum, engaging with music can provide an opportunity for self-expression, emotional regulation, and social connection. By participating in musical activities, such as playing instruments, singing, or even simply listening, individuals with autism can develop crucial communication and motor skills, while also experiencing the joy and satisfaction that comes from making and appreciating music. The universal language of music transcends boundaries, offering an inclusive space where people with autism can flourish and foster a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Why We Chose the Autism Society of America

Autism affects millions of individuals and families globally. We believe that it's essential to create an inclusive and understanding society for those living with autism. The ASA's ongoing initiatives, including research grants, community outreach, and resources for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families, are making a real difference in the lives of many.

Here's How You Can Be a Part of Our Efforts

We invite you to join us in celebrating Autism Acceptance Month and supporting the Autism Society of America in any way that feels right for you:

  1. Consider our sample libraries: If you're already planning to invest in sample libraries, know that 10% of your purchase from our store in April will be donated to the ASA.
  2. Share and raise awareness: Help us spread the message about Autism Acceptance Month and the importance of supporting organizations like the ASA by sharing this initiative with your friends, family, and online communities.
  3. Educate and engage: Use this opportunity to learn more about autism and the Autism Society of America. Explore their website, discover their programs, and participate in their events to deepen your understanding of autism and promote acceptance.

We are grateful for your support in this initiative, and together, we can contribute to the vital work of the Autism Society of America. Let's embrace Autism Acceptance Month and strive to create a more inclusive and understanding world for all.


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