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What The Pros Have to Say

John Paesano

Invincible - Spider-Man: Miles Morales

"You can really tell Alloy Vol. I is designed by composers. There's no fluff. It's clear, clean, and right to the point. Every patch feels interesting on it's own, but isn't so complex that it completely devours everything else around it."

Mike Reagan

God Of War - The Powerpuff Girls

"Alloy is a fantastic new instrument! I am so inspired by the unique sonic character of the main instrument, as well as the several curated patches that instantly twist the palette into a synth-inspired sound design dream. Definitely keeping my eyes and ears on Naroth Audio to see what they come up with next!"

Arkadiusz Reikowski

The Medium - Observer

"Alloy can be extremely subtle and insanely beautiful but also very cinematic when you need it to be. Very versatile instrument that's hard to put down once you start playing!"