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Lofi + Chill


$48.00 $69.00



Introducing Boutique Mood Guitars, a multi-sampled guitar library for the modern producers + composers.

  • 5 Multi-Sampled Modern + Vintage Guitars
  • 11 Articulations
  • Custom-Built Smart Dynamics
  • Intimately + Delicately Recorded
  • Up to 36 Hi-Def Samples per Guitar
  • 3 Sound Design Layers
  • Minimal + User Friendly Interface
  • over 800 MB Uncompressed .Wav
  • NKS Ready
  • Built for the FREE Kontakt Player

the ultimate mood

Mood Guitars was developed with the goal to invoke a mood. With a delicate sampling process and low velocity playing, this library delivers an intimate sound at your fingertips. We recorded a mixture of modern and vintage electrics, acoustics, and a bass all processed with 3 different mood characters each. On top of that the library contains a curated selection of effects and 3 additional sound design layers for the ultimate mood.

T h e   L i n e u p :

Vintage Telecaster - Modern Stratocaster - Fender Precision Bass - Gibson J-185 EC - Orpheus Valley Solea SA-C

how moody?

Each guitar contains up to 3 multi-sampled articulations that have 3 moods per articulation: clean, moody, and moodier. In the effects block you also have access to even more mood controls such as 3 eq profiles, 3 convolution reverbs, 3 lofi delays, and a cassette module. To add to that you have 3 sound design layers: a pad, dust, and tape crackle.

This library was developed for a multitude of moods ranging from lo-fi to lounge to intimate + emotional scoring


Inside Mood Guitars you will find 11 seperate articulations sampled from the 5 guitars. Each was multi-sampled intimately and up-close to give you a soft and delicate guitar library like no other.


• Acoustic • Acoustic Harmonics • Fender Bass • Fender Bass Picked • Fender Bass Harmonics • Nylon • Nylon Harmonics • Stratocaster • Stratocaster Harmonics • Telecaster • Telecaster Harmonics



848 MB Uncompressed Wav - Downloaded + Installed via Native Access


Windows 10 or 11 (latest service pack) - Intel Core Duo 2.3GHz (or higher) - 4 GB RAM (Minimum) / 8 GB RAM (Recommended)


Kontakt Player (latest version) or Full Kontakt v6.5.1 (or later)


macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11 or 12 (latest update) - Intel Core Duo 2.3GHz (or higher) - 4 GB RAM (Minimum) / 8 GB RAM (Recommended)

Smart Dynamics

A lightweight library, Mood Guitar's was designed efficiently with a Smart Dynamic playback. Each note is offset and gently filtered by the velocity allowing for an intimate experience.

Cassette Module

A custom Cassette Module was designed inside, creating a beautiful pitch drift and cassette-like quality. The module has a controllable mix and cassette playback speed.


Each guitar comes with 3 controllable sound design layers. A pad made out of the source material, a dust layer creating a soft hiss, and a tape layer topping it off with a classic tape noise.

EQ Profiles

With 3 EQ profiles, you can quickly change the character of the guitars from a clean signal, exciting and airy, to low and moody.


Included are 3 Creative Impulse Responses: Band Pass Ghost, Cathedral, and Intimate.

Lo-Fi Delay

3 Creative Lo-Fi Delays will be sure to set you up with a unique sound: Tape , Lounge, and Pan.


$48.00 $69.00

what the pros have to say

Single Friend

Lo-Fi Artist

"Generally I am a moody person. So when I heard that there are guitars that mirror my emotional disposition, I had to jump at the chance to make a song using them. Also, I can't play guitar, so this plugin is nice."

Konrad OldMoney

Cyberpunk 2077

"I love using this plugin to put epic textures and warm lush melodic guitar leads on my tracks. For me it's a perfect coloring tool. I don't need to futz around with putting distortions and textures on guitars to get that lofi and sampled feel. It's nimble, it's cpu friendly and intuitive."